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August 17, 2011

You Tell It: The Sleeping Bag Project

Heba Kanso talks to teens who are quilting to make the homeless more comfortable.

Breanna Yearwood: This project, to me, is just a way to reach out and help someone who just doesn’t have everything that we have.

Heba: Breanna Yearwood and her classmates are sewing sleeping bags, one by one.

Breanna: We are supposed to make at least forty sleeping bags.

Heba: These students are using their time after school for a great cause — The Sleeping Bag Project. Students use donated supplies to make sleeping bags for the homeless.

“Together, we make a difference. Yay! Good for you!”

Heba: Here, their teacher is inspiring them with a picture — a photograph of a homeless man they helped with a little labor of love.

“This is a perfect time for them to get this message because then it goes into the package of ‘Who I am. I am someone who helps.’”

Heba: At the beginning of The Sleeping Bag Project, none of these students knew how to sew. And in December, they completed twenty-two sleeping bags, just like this one, with pillows. But now they are sewing like pros.

“I have seen a change in them because of their new skill. There is another level of confidence going on, and I think they are very proud of what they are participating in and what they are doing.”

Heba: Moishur knows with some help from his friends, students can make a big difference.

“I like that we all get to work together as a group because if I was alone, I don’t think I would be able to do it.”

“To know that there is somebody out there with a warm sleeping bag in the cold winter; that they have a little bit of warmth and it makes it a little easier for them, and you were part of that. And I am glad to be part of that.”

Heba: Heba Kanso for Channel One News.


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