June 1, 2012

2012: 18 Years in Rap


Jessica: Now it is time to congratulate this year’s seniors. Your graduation will be something you will remember for the rest of your life. But just in case you need a reminder of what has happened so far, Flocab has got you covered with a salute to the class of 2012. A look back at the events of your life, in a rap, of course!


Flocabulary with 18 years in rap for the high school grads!


In 1994, 4 million babies born

In America, let’s see what else was going on.


Nelson Mandela is elected in South Africa.

End of apartheid is spectacular.


’95, O.J. is acquitted in L.A.

OKC is bombed by McVeigh.


Israel gives back land to Palestinians.

Pixar’s Toy Story makes a couple million.


’96, we clone a sheep named Dolly.

Collecting Pokémon cards is a hobby.


That’s the year you can die from beef,

Whether it’s rap related or mad cow disease.


Tupac dies. And in ’97? Biggie!

So does princess Diana. It’s a pity.


Mother Theresa is R.I.P.

But NASA lands on Mars. That’s totally sweet.


’98, Google gives us search everyday.

Matthew Shepard gets killed ’cause he was gay.


’99, the school shooting at Columbine.

Clinton gets acquitted even though we caught him lying.


Some were scared of Y2K.

But we partied all night for a brand new day.


Ooh! Hey, Bush barely beats Gore.

In fact, it’s decided by the Supreme Court.


2001, we’re on our science.

We map the genome, iPod arrives,

America changed the hour.

The two jets hit the two towers.


We invade Afghanistan huntin’ al-Qaeda.

bin Laden won’t be found ’til later.


2002, Bush names an evil axis, lowers taxes,

American Idol smashes.


’03, start of the the Iraq War.

Columbia explodes. Death in Darfur.


Biggest U.S. minority is now Latin.

Ask my primo. Pixar finds Nemo.


’04, W. wins four more.

Tsunami waves kill when they hit the shore.


Red Sox win. The reverse, the curse.

Facebook is started by a couple of nerds.


’05, Hurricane Katrina has no love.

Pope dies. Baseballers are on drugs.


’06, Nintendo drops Wii. What’s next?

Saddam hussein gets put to death.


’07, iPhone drops. Yeah, i copped it.

We see the crisis in the housing market.


But we have the first female speaker of the house.

Every year new barriers for women break down.


’08, another barrier down. That’s evident.

Obama is the first black president.


Michael Phelps dominates the pool.

The economy tanks. Banks act a fool.


’09, stimulus. Water on the moon.

R.I.P., MJ. Gone too soon.


2010, oil spill that’s crazy.

Earthquakes in Chile and Haiti.


But some lives are saved. The miners get freed.

I bet fresh air never smelled so sweet.


2011, Occupy Wall Street.

We find bin Laden; put his body in the sea.


Europe debt crisis is tough for the Greeks.

Steve Jobs dies. He’s resting in peace.


This year, Trayvon Martin is killed.

Tebowmania. Linsanity. It’s real.


3.2 million high school graduates.

I hope you’re looking at the present and grabbing it.


‘Cause time passes in the blink of an eye.

When you look ahead, don’t forget to look behind.

Let’s go!


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