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December 19, 2013

2013 in Rap


Scott: And now it is time for a wrap up of the year! That is right. The crew over at Flocabulary are taking us all the way back to January with this one. So without further ado…



Yo! It’s the Year in Rap!

2013 is almost done,

Hope you had a lot of fun while we ran around the sun,

The year’s been good like a blimp,

It’s the Year in Rap. Time to get it in,

In Egypt, the president was kicked out,

So the military runs Egypt now,

In Kenya, radicals attacked a mall,

72 killed. Yo, but that’s not all,

A major typhoon hit the Philippines,

Just one of the disasters of 2013,

Civil war in Syria and chemical weapons,

But they packed ‘em up when the UN threatened,

Draped in white, it’s the new pope,

His focus is poverty. Yeah, no joke,

Climate change, the UN’s reporting,

Humans are to blame for global warming.

Wow! A lot of stuff happened around the world in 2013. And a lot of stuff happened here in the United States. Yo, Dillon, kick the headlines!



Zimmerman acquitted by his peers,

While Trayvon supporters had to fight back tears,

Bombs went off at the Boston Marathon,

One suspect died, but they caught the other one,

Republicans wanted Obamacare cut down,

Obama didn’t budge, so the government shut down,

The Obamacare site launched only to break,

Uh-oh! Man, that’s like a pie in the face,

Gay couples can get federal benefits,

Ruled the Supreme Court after hearing arguments,

Ed Snowden leaked secret documents,

On the phone, NSA knows who you’re talking with,

They say Snowden will release more later,

Do you think that he’s a hero or a traitor?

Private Manning leaked secrets as well,

And the sentence is 35 years in a cell.



Alright. I hear you, Dillon. But I’ve got a few more headlines for cats. There’s a lot more that happened in 2013. Check it out! Yeah!

Superheroes stayed big at the box office,

Iron Man never takes losses,

These East Coast teams were not beat,

Titles for the Ravens, Red Sox and Heat,

Yes indeedy… urrr… what’s a little meatier?

Russian sky tore open by a meteor,

How many Earth-like planets in the Milky Way?

We discovered billions. That’s a little cray,

Kate gave birth to a prince. Oh yes!

Kim and Kanye had a baby – North West,

We lost Chaves, Thatcher plus,

Roger Ebert, James Gandolfini, but,

The whole world mourned Mandela,

Will he be forgotten? Never!

Flocabulary! You don’t have to fear,

2013′s a rap! We’ll see you next year!


Scott: Wow! They never cease to amaze me. Nice job, Flocab!


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