Karen Knapstein
January 16, 2014

40 Minutes to Fit?

If you get your exercise at a gym, or if you play sports and get a little bit bored by drills, you might be on the lookout for ways to mix up your work out routine, and a new training theory that incorporates something called a FitWall might be for you.

The machine helps you climb, kick, stretch and squat in a series of movement over just 40 minutes that they say will give you a full workout, complete with tech that monitors and keeps track of your progress. It’s being used by the military special forces, at Olympic training centers and at least one NFL team, but for most people you have to sign up at a special gym that has the walls installed.

Are you ready to get your workout wall on? Vote in the poll and tell us what you think! 

43 comments on “40 Minutes to Fit?

  1. Kristen Taylor

    It seems kinda pointless. When you go to the gym, its main priority isn’t to entertain you its to help you get into shape and lose weight (unless your a kid), if you wanted to have “fun” you’d take a racing class or something, not a wall.

    1. Gabbie

      How is it weird and unnatural? When I first saw it at school I thought it was weird but after thinking about it, its actually pretty cool.

  2. Miles Smith

    This isn’t won’t help with having to get people more fit. It may be good for getting rid of equipment, but going to the gym and using this won’t help. The current gym equipment that is used is perfectly fine, but for me, going to gym won’t help build muscle or get you skinnier.

  3. danielle

    for people who don’t have the money for a gym or the space for traditional exercises machines, this is a great tool!

  4. Cadence Stephens

    Because I go to a gym like twice a week, I think that this would actually work! It looks like it would work out my chest, abs, thighs, ect. And it wouldn’t be that hard to use.

  5. jeboa strong

    honestly, im with a friend who said ‘perfect twerking wall!’ and i thought, you could do that. seems useless because its a wall, cant stretch all of your muscles, might a well go to the gym so you can life weights

  6. Hayley-Aycock

    yeah i guess it’s pretty cool but you can just run up stairs with your phone in your pocket and have the same effect, so it seems kinda pointless

  7. Mazzy

    Yes I think it is a good idea because if u don’t want to go to the gym u can just stay home and do your work out

  8. Nick Klecker

    YAY we finally have the all-in one work out wall when your done working out you can put your books up there and enjoy a nice evening read

  9. Rebecca Scott

    I think it would be a next thing because people would like to get healthier and more active now adays. Also, they could use technology to help them.

  10. Jackson-Driver

    It seems like a very helpful and original tool, but if it does (or already has) reach the public market. I could imagine it would be VERY expensive, although it is a very cool tool!

  11. Anna

    I think it good but some other work out machines can work better then that ,but it can do a lot of other stuff that others can’t.

  12. Paul

    I tried it out once and it works great! I would take this over traditional equipment any day…but then I don’t like to be the one that does what everyone else thinks is best….popularity of opinion isn’t really sound scientific or principled approach to life.

  13. Stephanie

    I’ve been working out at Fitwall for a few months now and LOVE it! It really challenges your entire body and I’ve seen awesome body composition changes. I thought it would be boring at first too, but the workouts change every month (along with the music- which rocks) and the trainers are super motivating and skilled at what they do. I love Fitwall!


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