A Culture of Violence?

culture of violence

It’s up for debate if violent video games and other media are linked to violent behavior. Some studies say there is a connection, others say thereĀ isn’t. But last month’s school shooting in Connecticut considering what some have called America’s culture of violence. In the course of the debate, some have blamed video games, including the head of the NRA, a group that supports gun rights.

Vice President Biden recently sat down with video game manufacturers, gun rights advocates and groups representing the victims of gun violence to come up with recommendations for gun control. He then met with President Obama to discuss the proposals that came out of those discussions. The results of those talks are expected later today.

Twenty years ago, the video game industry responded to a government crackdown on games by creating a rating system for games, much like the one that exists for movies. The most violent games are rated “M,” and are considered for players ages 17 and up. But critics of the games say they should carry warnings like those on cigarettes. Putting legal restrictions on the games might be difficult because of a 2011 Supreme Court decisions that said the government cannot police violence in video games because they are a form of protected speech, guaranteed under the first amendment.

But what if the games really do encourage violence? Should more restrictions and age limits be placed on them? Vote in the poll and tell us what you think, then leave a comment telling us why. Be sure to include your first name, age and state if you’d like your response to be used on the show.

One comment on “A Culture of Violence?

  1. Nick Brennan

    I honestly think that video games doesn’t cause violence. One reason is that other forms of entertainment like comics or movies were blamed for their actions. My second reason is that gamers are usually non-violent. Finally, a study shows that video games are stopping crime by entertaining the player than nothing at all.


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