A Cupcake Controversy


The Berkeley College Republicans (who knew?) have made national headlines this week with a bake sale they’re hosting.

What’s the big deal about a bake sale? This one has a pricing structure based on the race of the buyer with a sweet tooth. According to the group, their “increase diversity bake sale” is a satirical protest against affirmative action, the controversial policy and sometimes law that allows colleges to factor in race or gender when making admissions decision. Senate Bill 185, a law that would allow the practice, recently passed the California Senate is now awaiting signature from Governor Jerry Brown.

The group organized the sale in protest of the bill becoming a law. Their logic? Pricing cupcakes based on race is just as racist as making admissions decisions on it.

Whatever you think about the protest by baked goods, the larger issue here is fairness in college admissions. Vote in the poll and then share your perspective with a comment or video!

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