August 28, 2013

A Homemade Submarine


Scott: Have you ever dreamed of creating something like a gadget or even a tool, something that seemed really cool? I did once. I wanted to create a robot. Totally destroyed a vacuum cleaner. My mom was not pleased. Well, meet one teen who has set his mind on creating something and didn’t stop until it was real.

Eighteen-year-old Justin Beckerman has spent the last six months, and about $2,000, building and testing his 9-foot-long homemade submarine.

Justin Beckerman: I can turn the lights up to full.

Scott: In what he hopes will end in a successful journey 30-feet deep into the lake near his New Jersey home.

Justin: The first submarine I tried to make, that I could go in, just acted like a boat. I probably made it when I was seven or eight.

Scott: But this submarine, his fourth attempt known as The Nautilus, he hopes will be the best yet.

Justin: I’m going to stay right here and dive, alright?

Scott: And with that, the moment of truth. His submarine disappears under the water – a triumph for the young engineer.

But for Justin, who has been building and innovating since he was in diapers, this success is only the start of many more projects to come.

Pretty cool, right? Makes my makeshift robot look pretty ridiculous… Alright, really, really ridiculous.


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