A Patent to Personalize Electronics

by Christa Fletcher

Any spy movie would have you believe that biometric technology has been in wide use for decades, but the truth is, the practicality of it hasn’t been entirely useful to date. However, Apple has found a way to make your fingerprint the ideal method of identifying your personal settings on electronics with a biometrics patent. 

Imagine if you had an iPad and when you picked it up, the gadget recognized you, your preferences and email, but when your brother picked it up, it switched to his settings instead. Pretty convenient, right? No need to sign out of our your programs and sites like Facebook to avoid an embarassing fake status update by your big bro. Now, electronic devices will be more personalized than ever. 

For years, engineers believe this type of patent would provide effective security on phones, computers and other devices, but Apple has proved that the technology is more of a “soft security” since it’s not fool proof. The patent, which Apple first applied for in 2005, includes “touch sensors” that will take images of a user’s hands and keep them on file in order to adjust settings to each person using the device. 

Some fear that having this type of information on file could cause privacy issues, while others feel that the convenience and level of security is well worth it. Brings new meaning to a SmartPhone, eh? Tell us what you think, are biometric sensored gadgets the next big thing?

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    at my school we watch channel one news every Friday and answer questions about the video. thank you for making our education stronger! <3


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