A Religious Tradition?


Like most high school football cheerleaders, every week the squad at Kountze High School in southeast Texas creates a banner for the football team to smash through as they run onto the field before a game. For three weeks this year, their banners included quotes from the Bible. But someone complained to a non-profit group that fights for separation of church and state and the school superintendent, Kevin Weldon, soon banned the banners, following a 2000 U.S. Supreme Court decision that keeps religion out of public schools.

Since the decision, the community has rallied around the cheerleaders, arguing that in their small religious community of about 2,100, the verses are there to serve as well wishes, and nothing more. The Freedom From Religion Foundation disagrees, saying that expecting students to run through Bible verses to play football is ” a new and creative way to work religion into our public schools.”

What do you think? Are the banners an expression of free speech, like others have argued? Or should elements of religion like this be kept out of school events to protect everyone? Vote in the poll and then share your thoughts in the comments below. Be sure to leave your first name, age and state if you’d like your comment to be used on the show.

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