October 7, 2013

A Season Saved


Alright. I brought in Demetrius because we have another story from the gridiron. And this one could almost be considered the play of the season!

Demetrius: Yeah. One school’s entire football season was in danger of being cancelled until they were saved by a couple of unlikely people.

Like a lot of football teams in the area, Wauzeka Steuben High School in Wisconsin was struggling to keep a team.

Garrow: We had some kids who were ineligible due to grades. We had some other kids who were ineligible due to injury. And with that being said, we only had about 12 healthy bodies going into our scrimmage.

Demetrius: They feared the worst. The season was in jeopardy.

Garrow: My athletic director had a conversation with our football coach, and with our team, and said basically our numbers are at risk of not being able to continue the program.

Hunter: We didn’t want it to happen, so we had to go out and find some people to play for us.

Demetrius: So the search began. And who they found surprised them.

Megan: It never crossed my mind that I’d be playing football.

Selena: Wauzeka wouldn’t be the same without having a football team.

Demetrius: These two girls signed up and saved the season.

Megan: It came down to it to where we weren’t going to have a season and I was still serious about being on the football team and said, ‘Hey, if they still need players, I’m willing to play.’

Demetrius: It didn’t take long at all. Game one of the season, Megan and Selena found themselves starting on the gridiron.

Megan: First football game it was kind of like, ‘Oh my gosh!’ Really scary.

Garrow: It’s a small community and it’s a close-knit community, and people are willing to really step up and help one another.

Hunter: We got girls to go out for football and kept our senior year going. So, it was nice of them. We really appreciated it.

Demetrius: Now, some of the other players have returned from injury and suspension, so the team is back up to 17. But Megan and Selena will still play. And they will start on special teams.


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