February 27, 2012

A Story of Giving Back

A 12-year-old saved his grandmother's house from foreclosure.

Scott: Like most sixth graders, Noah Lamaide spends much of his free time skateboarding or playing video games. But what makes him different is what else he does online.

Noah Lamaide: I had an idea to help people. And it was like a dream to help people.

Scott: Through the fundraising website he set up called Noah’s Dreamcatcher Network, Noah has managed to help others, like Hurricane Katrina victims and cancer patients. But he never expected to be able to help his own grandmother.

Just a few weeks ago, Janice Sparhawk was on the verge of losing the house that she, and more than a hundred of her foster kids, have called home for decades.

Noah: Yeah. She gets kids sometimes in the middle of the night that get dropped off there and she doesn’t even know these kids.

Scott: Janice had been struggling to pay some major medical bills and had fallen behind on her home loan payments. The bank holding Janice’s mortgage told her she would have to move out of her home as soon as possible. At first, she didn’t tell noah about her situation.

Noah: I don’t think she wanted me to be upset because she helps a lot of people, like foster children. And it would be more than me that just suffered.

Scott: But when Noah overheard his grandmother talking to his mom about her serious money problems, he got busy. Noah posted a note on his website that said, ‘My grandma has fallen on hard times and is going to lose her home. My grandma, in case you don’t know her, has a heart of gold.’ Noah also posted a goal to raise $10,000 dollars to help his grandma keep her house.

He wasn’t sure it was a goal he could meet. But just in the nick of time, Noah and his grandmother were able to go to the bank earlier this month with a big pile of checks worth $10,500 — more than enough to catch her up on her home loan payments and get her home out of foreclosure.

Janice says she is overwhelemed by both her grandson’s effort and the kindness of others.

Janice Sparhawk: It restored my faith in family, friends and community — the whole nine.

Scott: And Noah has learned an interesting lesson too.

Noah: I learned there are a lot more good people in the world than I expected. Normally, when people think of the U.S., they think of a lot of greed. But, really, that’s not what it is, obviously.

Scott: Scott Evans, Channel One News.


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