November 12, 2012
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Aaron Hendra Project


Australian-born musican Aaron Hendra “always knew that” he’d “end up in the U.S.”

“I started playing guitar really early,” and though “it’s been a really long journey” since he moved to L.A. with a first record deal (that unfortuin 2001, “the album is ready. It’s an unusual situation,” he explained, because it’s something I’ve “been working on my entire life. These eleven songs are my greatest hits that no one has ever heard.” The recording happened over “two years in an amazing Beverly Hills.” Friends and peers from his time in L.A. came together to be a part of the album, and encouraged him to make it happen. “They’re songs about love. I have an amazing wife and I’m inspired by her. There are songs about spiritual love. When we stand on stage and play these songs, it’s just really uplifting,” he shared.

“I am a passionaite songwriter, but how it happens for me is always different. Often, when I’m a little distracted, the subconsious takes over. I aim for emotionally powerful themes, things that are universal. My goal is for everyone to be touched by my work.”

As a musician, he’s learned that you have to “believe in yourself. I didn’t believe in myself enough, but I’ve also learned that if you really believe in your dream, it can happen.” You can hear more from Hendra as his album comes out on his Facebook page and keep up with his performances on his Twitter feed.


“Nothing But Blue”

“October Song”

“Walk With Angels”




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