Awards and Testimonials

Since its inception in 1990, the Channel One Network’s original content and feature programming have garnered high accolades for excellence in broadcast and online journalism, including the following prestigious awards.

George Foster Peabody Award

Channel One received two awards from this prestigious organization. In 2004, for the special series entitled, “The Suffering of Sudan,” and in 1993, for “A Decade of AIDS.” The Peabody Award is considered by industry peers to be the most prestigious in electronic media, and is a long-standing honor recognizing distinguished achievement and meritorious public services by stations, networks, production organizations and individuals.

The Telly Award

Channel One won a Silver Award, the highest honor, for the series “Malaria,” an investigative piece shot in Mozambique among villagers affected by the disease and inclusive of commentary from an interview with First Lady Laura Bush. Channel One also received two Bronze Awards for its “9/11 Special Edition” and “Suicide Bombers” broadcasts. Channel One was on location at Ground Zero to commemorate the 5-year anniversary of 9/11, airing an emotional compilation of footage looking back at the attacks and the day’s commemorative events. Channel One’s “Suicide Bomber” segment gave viewers an inside look at a suicide bombing that killed ten people in Israel through interviews with family members of the bomber and the victims.

In 2005 Channel One received this award for the series, “The Suffering of Sudan.” The Telly Awards honor outstanding local, regional and cable television programs and commercials, as well as video and film productions.

The Silver Hugo Award

The Chicago International Television Awards awarded a Silver Hugo Award to Channel One in 2005 for the series entitled, “The Suffering of Sudan.” The Hugo Award honors outstanding television productions that achieve effective communications through technical excellence and creativity.

Webby Award and the Webby People’s Voice Award swept both Webby Awards in the popular “Youth” category in 2005, as well as winning the People’s Voice Award at the 2002 Webby competition. Presented by the International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences, the Webby is an acclaimed award that honors excellence in Web design, creativity, usability and functionality.

Gold Hugo Award

Channel One received this award at the Chicago International Television Awards in March 2003 for the series “Secret Nation: Inside North Korea.” The Hugo Award honors outstanding television productions that achieve effective communications through technical excellence and creativity.

Along with the awards listed above, Channel One has also received recognition from The National Educational Media Network (23), National Education Film & Video Festival (14), a Gold WorldMedal at the New York Festivals, a Gold Myers Media Innovation & Creativity Award, The American Women in Radio & Television, WorldFest-Houston International Film Festival, National Educational Film and Video Festival, The National Association of Hispanic Journalists, The National Association of Black Journalists and The National Association for the Mentally Ill.

We’re very proud of our awards, but the most important honors we’ve received come from the people who tell us they value our contributions to teens’ lives. Here’s a small selection of the many comments we’ve received from educators:

“As someone who worked at what must have been one of the earliest Channel One schools, I have found the evolution of the company to be really impressive. Good to see. So many things in education did not survive the Digital Age and the explosive growth of technology from those small, wall-mounted, networked TVs to tablets and wifi and all of today’s media options.” — J. Rauchenstein, ECA Columbus, Columbus Oh.

“I just wanted to send a general note of appreciation for what you all ar e doing at Channel One News. I’m an educator in an 8th grade classroom, and I show your news program to my students every day. Not only have your programs provided a springboard for some of my most interesting classroom discussions, but as someone with a degree in communications, I cannot say enough how much I appreciate the objectivity of each of your broadcasts. I love that the news is presented in an engaging way that allows the students to form opinions for themselves. Through your approachable and professional news presentations, my students are becoming more informed, more globally aware citizens. Thank you so much, and keep up the outstanding work!” — T. Fox, Northwest Christian Academy, Miami, Fla.

“Our students are glued to the Channel One News! It’s part of our morning ritual and one everyone enjoys. The students have fun learning current events through your excellent programming. Thanks!” - Virginia W., Florida

“Often is the only source of news for students, opens up discussions, follow-up research, students come into to media center to go to website and it is the only recreational website allowed during school day.” - Donna W. Nebraska

“Channel One supports the social studies curriculum. The students that watch Channel One find that it helps when taking standardized tests.” - Molly W., Georgia

“For some students Channel One represents the only news of any kind to which they are exposed. This lack of connection to the outside world can only be counterproductive to an informed electorate. Channel One helps to fill that void for our students.” - Daryl C., Tennessee

“It provides our students with a daily glimpse of current events and information. They have the opportunity to be in touch with the world around them in an engaging and interactive manner.” - Frerra F., Georgia

“Many of our teachers have mentioned that Channel One has caused our students to be more interested and aware of world affairs. Parents have commented about the level of conversation that takes place at the supper table as students bring up what they heard or saw.” - M.C., Indiana

“Channel One is very beneficial to our students in the classroom. Not only does it keep them informed of current world wide events and news, it also supports the curriculum in different subjects areas such as History, Geography, and Science.” - Janice G., Tennessee

“Students are informed about current events around the world. Teachers often use topics from the news as open response practice prompts.” - Ethel C., Arkansas

“We enjoy the BALANCED reporting we get from Channel One News. For many it is our only source of relatively unbiased reporting.” - Belinda C., Tennessee

“The programs are a great supplement to our Current Issues curriculum. Classroom Connection programming also provides excellent supplemental materials for teachers. The equipment makes it possible for us to run announcements throughout the building.” - Sharon B. Indiana

“The teachers are impressed with the quality of the news broadcasts. We also appreciate the equipment as we are able to do school wide educational videos for teachers. The students also find the news relevant to their lives.” - Betty D., Pennsylvania

“I feel it has also helped our students to get more politically involved, reinforced our state standards, and educated them in general. Thank you for letting us have Channel One in our school. It definitely enriches our students, teachers and community.”- Debra H., Ohio

“Channel One has been a wonderful asset for our school. Our students have a fine grasp on current events among other subjects thanks to your reporters and cutting edge delivery system.” - Robert V., Pennsylvania

“I like that the news is geared to teenagers. This helps the news to be relevant to our students. It also encourages teens to get involved and reminds them that they are part of this world. It makes today’s news relevant to students.” - Timothy B., Ohio

“My journalism students get a lot out of the Channel One broadcasts. There have been numerous times when they have taken the Channel One topic and put a local slant on it for the newspaper.” - Butch G., Kansas

“Channel One selects interesting, kid relevant coverage in a fast paced, ever changing world.” - Melissa S., South Dakota

“I believe that Channel One will actually stimulate an interest in politics and government in our teens! Our teachers value the curriculum videos; they enrich existing programs in a lively, interesting, and relevant way.” - Joseph V., Pennsylvania

“Channel One News provides exceptional programming and anchors. Our students benefit greatly from the exposure to global events. Teachers love the convenience of the TVs and the content that enhances our curriculum.” - Cindy P. Ohio

“This is an economically disadvantaged area, and many of our students do not have access to the outside world. The broadcasts are done by people fairly close to their age, which shows anyone can have their dreams and goals become a reality.” - Beverly M., Texas

“Channel One really helps our students understand complicated current issues. The interviews with young people living in volatile situations are especially meaningful.” - Cheri M., Tennessee

“I know students benefit by being more up-to-date on what is going on in the world. I hear them talking and saying, ‘You know what I am talking about, it was on Channel One this morning.’ So, I know they are listening.” - Bonnie J., Mississippi

“I think that Channel One is the most unbiased news broadcast going.” - Jean P., South Carolina

“Students in sixth grade very seldom watch the news on TV or read the newspapers. Channel One gives them a chance to be aware of what is happening in the world, and how it will affect them.” - Jane C., Idaho

“Some of the morning clips from channel one are used in various research papers, especially newscasts where statistics are given. A lot of the health issues are used in research and in health class because of the most recent stats that are given.” - Joyce S., Missouri

“The length of most programs is perfect for our scheduling, as they don’t take up an entire class period and leave room for discussion before and after. Our CDS class looks forward to beginning their day each morning with Channel One.” - Lori F., Wisconsin

“Our students benefit greatly from watching Channel One. Some teachers go online and get the plans you provide and make the lesson part of their class.” - Lorna D., Ohio

“Teachers are very excited and have begun to develop and share study sheets and study questions to follow up the morning news. Some of the comments are ‘awesome,’ ‘life saver,’ and ‘exciting and informative, up to date information that keeps students engaged.’” - Eva R., Alabama

“Channel One is the connection and tool that will help enable students to become aware and concerned with the current news. This exposure will make them more in tune with the important topics and communities everywhere.” - Thao V., Louisiana

“The variety of content on Channel One broadcasts hooks the audience. Once they’re hooked, they are exposed to bigger issues. It often provides the foundation for a variety of discussion in class.” - Michael S., Washington

“Students don’t always know about current events. They do not watch TV news with their parents. Channel One gives students a view of world events and allows them to discuss the issues with peers.” - Patty G., New Mexico

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