About Channel One News: Editorial Standards

These standards have been developed to inform the public of the standards Channel One uses to gather and disseminate information. School media programs are welcome to adapt these standards for use in guiding their own content creation.

We maintain high production standards to produce content that is as factual, complete and as reliable as possible. Controversial stories will always have more than one source, and we will never distort the content of news photos or video.

We create content to help students develop a deep understanding of news and public affairs, as well as to provide tools to parents and teachers that will facilitate the discussion of these topics with teens.

We will not enter relationships that compromise the credibility of Channel One Network. We avoid imposing our own cultural values on others, as well as conflicts of interest, real or perceived.

We produce quality content that demonstrates our high regard for the students, educators, parents and others we serve. We distinguish content from advertising.

Safety and Privacy
We look to ensure the privacy of our viewers and of those who participate as subjects of Channel One newscasts, exposés, features and investigative reports.

Age Appropriateness
We adhere to strict practices for the review of all content, to protect our public from inappropriate material. We regularly solicit input from educators and parents about our content.

This document will guide our editorial decisions in a constantly changing environment. Our standards will be reviewed, revised and approved annually by the Channel One Advisory Board– which is comprised of experts in the field of education.

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