February 28, 2012
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Action Item


Action Item has been an “item” for a quite a while. The five of them grew up together, more or less, in Bergen County, New Jersey. They became a band there, and that’s also where they got their name. As Brian Cag recently shared in a phone interview, done while he was folding laundry on the road, “we were watching the movie Fight Club, and that was something that came up in the movie. When we looked it up, we read that it meant ‘something you want to change in the world,’ and that sounded like what we wanted to do.”

They work towards changing the world by writing songs and playing music. “Anthony is one of the best songwriters I’ve ever met, so when he brings an idea we work on it together. But we’re very collaborative — everyone brings ideas and we work them out.” His take on touring? “this is the biggest tour we’ve been on, we meet new people every day.” He adds they’re essentially “living the dream.”

So what’s next for this wildly popular band? Cag had a ready answer. “We’re far from where we want to be. We’re trying to grow musically but also personally. If this isn’t making us happy, we’ll stop.” That philosophy carries over into the advice he’d give to another band. “When you stop having fun, stop doing it.”

“Learn to Fly”

“When Everything Falls Back Down”





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