August 28, 2012

Air Guitar Champ Crowned

An American from Chicago took the top prize at this years competition.

Julian: Admit it. When a good song comes on you have probably rocked out to your air guitar.

Well, if you are any good at it, you could enter the Air Guitar World Championships. Yes, there is an Air Guitar World Championship. And after rocking out in Finland last week, an American from Chicago took home the gold. The air guitar contest brought together the national champions from the Netherlands, Germany and Japan, Estonia and France.

Using the same six-point scoring system that is used in figure skating, the judges rate how well a person mimics guitar playing, along with stage presence and what they call “airness,” or the “art” of the performance.

Judge: I think my heart decides who is the best one. It’s that simple and that difficult at the same time.

Julian: Justin”’Nordic Thunder” Howard from Chicago, Illinois made it into the contest through the qualifying round.

Justin Howard: Going early in the competition is tough because the judges, they are going to be conservative with the scores until they see someone that just really pops. So, my plan is to come out and be that one that’s like ‘paah!’

Julian: And did he pop! His intense air interpretation of Metallica’s Hit the Lights made a big impression on the judges. Justin was crowned the air guitar champion of the world.

Justin: I feel amazing! I feel loved! I feel like crying and laughing and hugging!

Julian: Justin says his strength lies in that he has absolutely no shame.

Love that guy! He is awesome!


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