All About Genetics


Ever wonder where your baby blues came from? Need to know how cloning works? Leave it to us to unravel all of your double helix questions about genetics. Plus, you can learn more about the latest breakthroughs in this science of heredity with interesting galleries, articles and quizzes about DNA and cloning.


The facts on the stuff that makes you who you are.


Should the FDA approve food that grows twice as fast?

What soil samples can tell us about E.T.

The facts on the stuff that makes you who you are.

Two students discover a new species during an after-school project on DNA.


Since the first groundbreaking animal -- Dolly the sheep -- was cloned from an adult ...

Using a microscopic needle, scientists remove stem cells from the blastocyst.  About 242 unfertilized eggs were donated for the South Korean experiment, and 30 blastocysts were formed. Of the blastocysts, 20 yielded stem cells for culture.

In a scientific breakthrough, researchers in South Korea have become the first to successfully clone ...

Get the facts on this emerging field of science.

Stem cells science holds great promise for medical research, possibly providing cures for conditions such ...

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