Alliance for a Healthier Generation

Channel One and Alliance for a Healthier Generation– a joint initiative between the American Heart Association and the William J. Clinton Foundation– have joined together to develop programs and resources that help combat the spread of childhood obesity and the serious diseases associated with it. Nationwide, around 24 million young people are overweight or at risk of being overweight. But it doesn’t have to be this way. Bookmark this page for easy access to ways that you and your school can get involved in the fight to improve the nation’s health.

Read a letter from Channel One and the Alliance for a Healthier Generation »

Read the press release [PDF]

Healthy School Builder

Do you want to help make a healthier environment at your school? Check out the benefits of joining the Healthy Schools Program.

  • Custom results page that identifies how your school meets the Alliance for a Healthier Generation’s recognition criteria and what awards may be available to you.
  • Comprehensive list of customized action steps created specifically for your school to achieve the next level of recognition.
  • Access to the Alliance’s toolkits, resources, and a donor database of materials available to schools right now!
  • Best of all, the HSB is free to use and you get ongoing support at no cost!

Learn more about getting your school involved in the Healthy Schools Program here or call us at 1-888-KID-HLTH.

Healthier Generation Tip Sheets

Download helpful tip sheets designed to help you and your students take action in the battle against obesity:

Tip Sheet 1: “Cutting Back on Screen Time and Getting Your Family Moving” [PDF]

Tip Sheet 2: “Reading Food Labels 101″ [PDF]

Tip Sheet 3: “Take Control of Portion Sizes” [PDF]

Tip Sheet 4: “Talking Health” [PDF]

Tip Sheet 5: “Tips for Dealing with Picky Eaters” [PDF]

Tip Sheet 6: “Making Better Choices at Fast Food Restaurants” [PDF]

Tip Sheet 7: “Body Mass Index (BMI)” [PDF]

Tip Sheet 8: “Proteins, Carbohydrates and Fats” [PDF]

Tip Sheet 9: “Fruits and Vegetables” [PDF]

Tip Sheet 10: “A Healthier Start to the Day” [PDF]

Tip Sheet 11: “Tips for Making Take-Out Healthier” [PDF]

Tip Sheet 12: “Tips for a Healthier Lunch Box” [PDF]

Tip Sheet 13: “The Skinny on Fats” [PDF]

Tip Sheet 14: “Tips for a Healthier Thanksgiving” [PDF]

Tip Sheet 15: “Too Much Salt?” [PDF]

Tip Sheet 16: “Whole Grains” [PDF]

Tip Sheet 17: “Tips to Keep Active During the Winter” [PDF]

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