January 29, 2014

Amazing Assist


Maggie: Sinking a last-minute, game-winning shot against your school’s archrival? Well, that is pretty awesome! But, Tom, you say you have a story about a game-winning shot that did more than just win the game.

Tom: Yeah, Maggie. And many people are even calling it a miracle.

Just outside Greensboro, North Carolina, the Bishop McGuinness boys’ basketball team is coming off what may be the most remarkable game in school history.

Student: I still can’t believe, like, that even happened.

Student: I felt like there was no one who could stop us.

Student: I will remember this game for the rest of my life.

Tom: The game was against their archrivals, Mount Airy High School. But to fully appreciate what happened here, you first need to know how Coach Josh Thompson prepared them for the night.

It all started a few days earlier with an old ball and a gold Sharpie. Coach Thompson told each player to pick someone to dedicate the game to, whether it be an uncle, a grandpa. One kid picked his parents.

They all appreciated the exercise but, safe to say, no one appreciated it more than junior guard Spencer Wilson. He picked his friend Josh Rominger.

Spencer Wilson: Josh’s passion for life just really drew me towards him.

Tom: Spencer and Josh were two great friends with one lousy thing in common. They both had cancer. The difference was Spencer beat his, and Josh didn’t. He died nine months ago.

Spencer: His joy illuminated the room and it was always apparent to me that he was special.

Tom: Spencer wrote a letter to Josh’s mom explaining the game and why he decided to play it for Josh.

Spencer: Just wanted to let you know the impact your son has on my life still to this day. I will never forget him. Play for Josh.

Denna Rominger: I read it and cried. They just had that bond. Nobody else knew how Josh felt except for Spencer.

Tom: Spencer says he thinks about Josh every day. That is why he took this so seriously.

Spencer: During the timeouts when we touched the ball, I found where I wrote ‘Josh,’ and I looked for that, and I put my hand on it every single time. It meant a whole lot to me.

Tom: Which brings us to the end of that game. With two seconds left on the clock, Bishop down by a point, and their rivals at the free-throw line. Bishop needed a miracle. And some say that is exactly what they got.

Announcer: Rebound comes down to Gardner, leads it ahead to Wilson. He’s going to lob it up from three-fourths court. That’s got a shot. It’s good! Oh my goodness! Spencer Wilson from 50 feet out wins the game for the Villains!

Tom: In the official record book, Spencer Wilson will get credit for that remarkable Hail Mary. But for the boys here at Bishop, Spencer’s friend Josh gets the assist.

And as it stands, the Bishop McGuinness boys’ basketball team has 17 wins and just 3 losses this season. So, pretty inspirational!

Maggie: Definitely. Thanks, Tom.


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