Christa Fletcher
February 13, 2012
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When we caught up with Petie Pizarro of Amely, a pop-rock band based in Orlando, Florida, he had just finished eating lunch at Chipotle on a freezing day off from touring in New York City. Pizarro shared his thoughts on the band, touring and what he’s excited about for the new year. Amely has experienced great success in the short span since the band came together. With two albums and a record deal with Fearless Records, Pizarro, Patrick Ridgen (bass), Brandon Walden (lead guitar) and Nate Parsell (drums) are selling out shows and preparing for their next album.

“After our winter tour we are going to hunker down in our friend’s basement and write our next album. It will be the first time we write an entire album as a band,” explained Pizarro. For his first album, On My Own Pizarro said, “I’d started wrting my own songs at home and I decided to go into the studio with my friend Nate, who plays the drums.” Pizarro played all of the other instruments and decided, “it wasn’t too bad. “It came out way better than we expected.” They shared the album with friends online and soon began to pursue new members. Ridgen, who plays bass, traveled seven hours from North Carolina. And, Pizarro’s brother’s friend, Walden, who plays guitar, joined soon after.

By March 2009, Amely posted their first song on MySpace and officially became a band. Since then the band went on three national tours, released Hello World, received a million plays on their MySpace page and were named one of Pure Volume’s Top 20 unsigned bands. (They were soon signed by Fearless Records.) Yet, Amely came from the humble beginnings of Pizarro playing with his high school band, without ever taking music lessons. He tried singing at home and said he was terrible for about a year and a half before he began taking voice lessons. The rest he says, “was history.”

Who knows  what’s next for this band, but one thing’s for sure — they’re “excited for the new year.”

Christa Fletcher

“Sign to You”

“Hello World”

“Come Back to Me”


"For a couple of years I had been writing songs for Amely while I was with my old band," says Petie Pizarro on the Fearless Record's website. "When we finally recorded them and got the mixes back, we knew that we had to put all of our energy into making Amely more than just a project."


"It was astonishing to find people singing our songs at shows in cities that we had never even visited before. It blows us away every day."

In less than a year the band received over a million plays on their MySpace page, were named one of PureVolume's Top 20 Unsigned bands of 2009 and the band signed with Fearless Records in January 2010.


"We can't wait for people to hear the true direction of the band, and get our sound heard across the world," notes Pizarro about their latest EP.

"We cannot wait for people to hear our more evolved sound. This EP is something that each of us has put our heart and soul into and we are excited to meet anyone who can relate to it, because ultimately our fans are our sole inspiration for doing what we do."

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