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Anchor Alumni

Anchor Alumni

Throughout its nearly two decades of broadcasting excellence, Channel One has served as a training ground for America’s next generation of journalists. A number of well-known broadcast journalists honed their craft and launched careers as Channel One News correspondents. Alumni include:

Anderson CooperAnderson Cooper

Lauded broadcast journalist and anchor of “CNN’s Anderson Cooper 360″

Lisa LingLisa Ling

Intrepid National Geographic Channel reporter and former co-host of the popular national morning show, “The View”

Serena AltschulSerena Altschul

Gained popularity with the MTV audience as an on-air personality at MTV News and later worked as a CNN correspondent. She is currently a CBS News contributing correspondent

Tracy SmithTracy Smith

“CBS Early Show” national correspondent and anchor of “The Saturday Early Show”

DoaneSeth Doane

Peabody and Emmy-award winning reporter who is a currently a CBS News correspondent after spending time as CNN’s New Delhi-based correspondent.

MenounosMaria Menounos

“NBC Today Show” West Coast correspondent, entertainment reporter for Access Hollywood, and actress

Channel One continues to train tomorrow’s news anchors and correspondents in an environment focused on balanced reporting and journalistic integrity, a commitment vigorously upheld through its engaging lineup of relevant and timely news and public affairs reporting, special series and hard-hitting investigative reporting.

8 comments on “Anchor Alumni

  1. Cambo


    I had no clue you guys were still around. You carved out a few minutes of first period for me for years, my appreciation is everlasting. I’m glad you guys are still alive. Keep on keepin on!

  2. Jamy Schoby

    I enjoyed watching the Channel One News program when I was in school! My family didn’t have cable in the mid 90′s when I was a teen, so this was my only source on current world events. I remember when Anderson Cooper and Lisa Ling were just getting started in their careers, both are excellent at providing clear informative information that’s easy to understand, they are why I still watch the news every day.

    Keep up the great work Channel 1, you not only opened my eyes but you changed how I look at the world! Thank you.


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