Karen Knapstein
June 15, 2013

And We’re Live!


Welcome to the new! We couldn’t be happier with how it turned out and we hope you feel the same way. In honor of this momentous day — it’s seriously been an epic process — a few notes:

We’ve been doing this for awhile now (we’re coming up on our 24th season!) — but we couldn’t be more excited to share some very big changes to the site. There are many that are really obvious — like that we redesigned the whole darn site! — and there are many more that aren’t but that are going to make watching the daily show and interacting with our site so much better, faster and all around more fun. It’s the same great content just in a really, really pretty new package. (Shout out to our completely amaze-balls, bananas talented designer and equally clever developers.)

But here’s the “rest of the story.” It’s a new site. It’s going to maybe have a few little special quirks that we’re going to be working double time on getting fixed up, but if you see something, say something. Use this form┬áto report a bug. Or, use it to tell us how great you think it is. Either way is cool.

Also, more. to. come. This version of the site is what we’re considering beta lauch, and we have a few more fun things on deck for fall, especially for all you teachers out there, so stay tuned.

And while we know it’s summmah and you’re thinking about the pool and vacation and binge viewing as many seasons of TV as possible, stuff is still happening out there in the world, ya’ll. Read about it. Learn about it. Share it with your friends. Take action against it. We’re here to help you do it.

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