February 25, 2012
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Andy Grammer


“I write songs about what’s true about being alive.” Honesty has always been the best policy for singer-songwriter Andy Grammer, who grew up in musical home with two songwriting parents (his father is Grammy-nominated children’s artist Red Grammer) in upstate New York, but now lives in Los Angeles when he’s not touring, which is actually more often than not. His record-label, S-Curve, agrees, and called him the “hardest working artist in the city of Angels.”

For Grammer, who spent his first few years on the west coast busking on the streets to pay the rent, all the hard work is paying off. “I was printing CDs and selling them on the street,” Grammer explained in a phone interview, “and it got to the point that I was selling 60 to 100 CDs a day.” Around that time, about a year and a half ago, his manager found him, which took things to another level. “My stuff was on the radio, which was totally insane,” and since then he has been building his fan base “really trying to get someone to come to my shows everywhere I go.”

With an album out and lots of touring, Grammer isn’t interested in slowing down. “My main goal is to spread the word and give myself some room to grow.” After that, of course, it’s “taking over the world.”


“Keep Your Heads Up”






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