April 29, 2013
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Angelique Sabrina


“I really couldn’t stop doing this — I knew from a young age and my family was very supportive. My father is a producer,” so music also runs in the family, Angelique Sabrina shared in a recent phone interview. Growing up in the Bahamas “was fun and cultural and family oriented. I’m homeschooled and I’ve got about three weeks to go until I’m done,” and then, “we’re trying to decide between moving to L.A. or New York.”

“My priority over the summer is to book loads of performances. I want to get my music out there,” and the summer is perfect, because “everyone is out of school and I will be too!” Her live shows, she expalained, are “lots of fun — there’s so much dancing. They’re very choreographed and as I grow and learn I want to be more involved” with the staging aspect. For her, “performing is the best part — it’s the result of all the work.”

Her music is a “really integrated sound. I’m from the islands and that influence is obvious, but I also grew up listening to Broadway musicals. My influences are diverse — from Michael Jackson to Prince and Barbara Streisand to Diana Ross.” Those sounds are reflected in her current single, “Stop Sign.” It’s “about a presence that is so strong that people have to stop and look at you because of your confidence. We had the track first and it was so in your face — it was about what the track felt like that this song had to be about that kind of a thing.”

While promoting that single, she’s putting work in on an album. The songs are “going to be sculpted and polished, then we’ll choose what the album will consist of.” Look for more from her, including the full album, this summer. Until then you can keep up with her work on her Twitter feed and Facebook page.

“Stop Sign”


“Pull Up”

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  1. Rashon-Holiday

    im just chilling tell sierra I said I love her…………..
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  2. Alexis Banks

    Why me!! I didn’t ask for this life!! All I want is my mama to accept me for who I am. All I want is my daddy to be around!! Lord take this pain away……I’m tired of crying !!


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