Karen Knapstein
October 6, 2013
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Another Lost Year

alt-cover-another-lost-yearCar problems. Or, more precisely, van problems. The stranded band, stuck by the side of the road on the way to the next gig, trying to repair a broken-down ride is surprisingly common in real life, and Another Lost Year was dealing with an alternator when we spoke with them a few weeks ago.

The band, from Charlotte, North Carolina, came together about two and a half years ago. “Everyone has been in music forever, playing different parts in different bands,” explained Clinton Cunanan. “We’re gypsies. We’re not into it for the fame or fortune — we do it because we love it. I think we were home for 45 days last year”

Their songs are about real things. “Everything is a snapshot of my life,” or someone’s life. “Everyone brings stuff to the table and everyone takes ownership for their own parts,” and that’s what ends up in their albums. They have an EP out, and their first full-length album is out now. “We went into the studio without thinking of a theme, but it emerged. It’s about hope — we’re telling a story about how it’s going to get better.

If you see a live show, however, you might have a different experience. “When I pay for show, I don’t want to see the album, I want to see the artist,” shared Cunanan. The theme, though, is still there. The closing song is an acoustic track — “a sing-a-long anthem.” They’re back to writing those kinds of songs again, getting ready for more time in the studio in mid-fall. “It’s b-side singles, along with new stuff.”

Check out tracks from their current album below, and keep with the band on their website, Twitter feed and Facebook page.

“Writing on the Wall”

“War on the Inside”

“Better Days”




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    1. Chase Magers

      If there is one band you find in 2013 make it another lost year, these guys are down to earth and so much fun to be around. Check out there music, I promise you won’t be disappointed!


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