Maggie Rulli
November 17, 2013

Apples Galore


Today, I ate the very last of my hand-picked apples.

This moment is a big deal for two reasons:

1. It means apple season is (almost!) over. And

2. I ate 25 pounds of apples.

Yup. I picked 25 pounds of apples and I enjoyed every last ounce of them.

But let’s get back to number one. Apple season it only almost over – it technically goes through November here in the States! Which means you still have plenty of time to chow down on some fall fresh, apple recipes.

Here are a few of my favorite, inventive ways to eat apples on apples on apples:

Apple Pie Oatmeal Because why should apple pie only be limited to dessert? It’s about time we made it a breakfast food.

Apple Pie Smoothie For those moments when all you want is a slice of pie… this is┬áthe “on the go” apple pie option.

Single Serving Apple Crumble It’s an apple dessert you that’s made entirely for you and no one else.

10 breakfast Apple Recipes So that you can have an apple every. single. day.

Carrot Apple Slaw In case your apples wanna hang with some veggies.

Alright…now I really now need to re-stock my apple supply!

Your turn : do you have any favorite apple recipes I should try?

12 comments on “Apples Galore

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