Karen Knapstein
October 17, 2011

Are You Shy?


Here are two interesting stories making headlines today.

The first is about a study (always a study!) that showed, despite the overwhelming perception that teens today are shameless about everything and willing to post their entire lives, right down to their social security numbers on the internet, about half of teens are actually pretty shy. The researchers spoke to about 10,000 teens and 6,000 parents about the issue and found that 47% considered themselves shy around people they don’t know well.

So, if you feel a little awkward sometimes, you’re not alone. Perhaps not surprisingly, when they asked the parents of those same teens, 62% thought of their kid as shy. Go figure.

While we’re talking numbers, we’d like to bring up the number three.

Why? That’s the number of bathroom breaks one school is giving students PER SEMESTER. The policy, now in place at a high school outside of Chicago, is meant to keep teens from missing class time by hanging out in the bathroom. You can actually go more often, but you’ll have to make up the class time you missed while you were in there.

What do you think? Would you describe yourself as shy? Would having to stay after school because of bathroom breaks make you a little more shy about them?

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