Karen Knapstein
February 17, 2014
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Ariana & the Rose

At the age of twenty Ariana DiLorenzo had a good grasp of what she wanted to do. “It worked out pretty well,” she said in an interview with Scott Evans, “even though I’m not working in either of the things I majored in (in college).”

In her college days, she got into the EDM scene, but decided instead to form her own band and created Ariana & the Rose. But even while touring, she never strayed far from her roots — the big city. feature-cover-ariana-and-the-rose

“I think New York more than anything else is infused in my perspective,” she explained, having been born in Long Island. And in her own words, it makes her just a little bit cynical.

“Just to have anybody interested in why you’re writing at all, at least for me, do all the work, put the band together, you play the shows, and then people come! And it’s like oh my gosh! There’s people here, and they’re listening to the music! It’s the part that I didn’t think of. And I hope I always feel that way.”


“Love Me Hate Me”





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