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April 6, 2014
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“When I was five, my parents put me in a choir because one of my teachers suggested that I could carry a tune a little better than some of the other kids,” shared Arielle, in a recent interview.

When she was six, she “saw a video of Queen with Brian May and knew immediately it was what I wanted to do.” So she started playing along while she sang and kept at it. “But I didn’t think of music as a career until it was time for me to get a job. I had no idea what I was getting myself into.”


Born in New Jersey, but raised in Northern California and having spent time in London for music school, she thinks of herself as from “everywhere,” but it’s definitely California that drives much of her inspiration.

“I’m also a dolphin and whale advocate,” she explained. After an early experience at an aquarium, she started looking into what it means for these animals to live in captivity. “Now, this issue is starting to get a lot of attention with films like Black Fish and The Cove, but it really has been years worth of work.”

It’s not unlike her music career. “People talk about a ten year overnight success, but for me, there were so many pieces and people that have helped me up to getting signed.” She also had to create the material that led her here.

“I’ve always heard melodies in my head and I wasn’t always sure what to do with them. I had someone teach me to write songs – I don’t really use that technique – but at least I figured out what to do with the melodies. I wrote my first song when I was eleven. It was called ‘Candles’ and it was based off of Elton John’s ‘Candle in the Wind.’ I can still hear the whole thing in my head,” she explained.

She writes about things that “give her a very strong feeling.” It’s often painful feelings, but “it’s the best way I can express myself. As a musician, I embrace deep feelings. Sometimes I get into a situation that I know I’ll get hurt in because I know it will be a source for me.”

Her EP is out at the end of April. “We re-recorded the tracks on the EP, old-school style, but using modern equipment,” and she’s looking forward to some upcoming shows, including one with Joan Jett and the Blackhearts. “I’d really like people to see me live – it’s different and exciting.”

You can hear tracks from her EP below and find out about the Joan Jett show – and the rest of her tour – on her website.



“Playing with Fire”


“This is the End”




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