Christa Fletcher
July 24, 2013
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Article A


There are few that would mark their success by the rise, fall and reuniting of the mmm-pop-band of the 90′s, Hanson. Yet, Article A, a relatively new band from New Jersey (and nothing like the old Hanson), opened for the trio of brothers last month. According to guitarist Gary Kramer, this marked a great coup for Article A’s uphill battle towards superstardom.

“Remember that day when you were 14 playing the string-less guitar and that band Hanson came on … you’re opening for them Wednesday,” he said in a blog entry for a charity organization called

Kramer’s story begins when he was five years old and his guitar was as much his toy as his Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle action figures. As a teen, he remembers wanting to be Noel Gallagher from Oasis and learning chords to play “Closing Time,” by Semisonic. Next to playing in a band at his church, Kramer’s biggest hallelujah moment came when he and band members Christian LaGrotteria, Joe Haight and Evan Gallipoli formed Article A in 2000.

If being BFFs is the way to score a record deal, then Article A is a winning combination. After performing in local gigs and being the top video on the 24/7 satellite music channel TVU, this group of friends (plus Kramer, the band’s newest addition), signed with 785 Records. The partnership proved to be a lasting relationship leading to concert tours, festival shows and adoring power-pop/alternative fans.

For more on Article A, check out the songs and slideshow below.

Find a Way

Goodnight Goodbye

Stay Now

When You’re Gone

My Dedication


"Tell me you're alright

I can't hear your voice

I can feel you standing next to me

I think of sometimes

When you picture grabs my heart and whispers out to me

Letting go is not forever

You will be here on my mind

Were you always so much better?

And I'm not that far behind"


"I feel this emptiness inside my chest

Now standing face to face

Standing paralyzed by your eyes

As I try to look away

I need to fall back into you my love,

Somehow, I'm reaching out"


"Can you count the things that you don't know

On broken fingers, letting go

You start to know just who you are

But then it's gone

So far you think you know

Get over, something's wrong

You heard it wrong

So far you think you know

Stay Now, keep the words I say now

Take the time to slow down

Hear the words I say-yay-yay"

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