Karen Knapstein
October 27, 2013
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Asher Monroe


Asher Monroe started his career early. At seven, the Virginia native landed the role of the Teacup in the traveling production of Beauty and the Beast. “It was the experience of a lifetime,” he shared.

“I knew it wouldn’t necessarily last, but doors started opening on Broadway, and I took advantage of it. I wanted to try as many things as I could — acting, voice overs, modeling, jingles!” He did all that while attending the Professional Children’s School, which allowed him to audition. “We were all in the same family — working students.”

But as far as he went, he knew, “music was always at the core of it. Every opportunity was focused on that.” So he took some time to have a “sort-of normal” life in high school, but then he got a call from Warner Brothers and spent the next two years writing and working on his album.

“I committed to music and my hard work has started to pay off.” His songs cover the usual suspects — love, emotions — but also other things, like travel. “I consider myself something of a crooner,” explaining his influences include Frank Sinatra, Elvis and Elton John.

His song, “Hush Hush,” is climbing the charts, and you can listen to more tracks from the album below. For Monroe, “the album is done — it’s sculpted — now the challenge is getting people to listen to it.” You can keep up with his progress, find new tracks and keep a look out for a tour on his Facebook and Twitter feed.

“Hush Hush”

“Hello Baby”

“Here With You”




34 comments on “Asher Monroe

  1. Eli

    This guy is awesome. My favorite song is “Here With You”. And I’m a guy, he has great songs. When I first heard “Here WIth You”, I was like, best song in the world

  2. Anna

    I never heard him before until today. Asher is the first preson that is very good with his words singing. Then his other songs are okay, they are good for girls to hear. Then his pics are very cute, and the colors are just right. They have a good beat to the song,but is very very cute and Asher 2 old for me. :)

  3. starla

    Hi y guys don’t know you think he should at least comment back like Shilpa this is going to get wild with the comments


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