February 15, 2012
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Ashlyne Huff


Ashlyne Huff has always been a dancer. She started at seven years old after watching Stephanie Tanner perform a particularly inspiring number on an episode of “Full House.” For Huff, it was a way to differentiate herself in her family. “No one in my family did it” she explained. Her father is a music producer and she grew up in Los Angeles and Nashville, where her father worked with people like Leanna Rimes. Surrounded by music for her entire life, particuarly country artists, her second act of rebellion was “to be a pop artist.”

“Dancing led me to singing.” In high school she got into drama, which made her interested in Broadway. “I wanted to be a triple threat at auditions” so I danced and I found my voice and learned to sing. They were both dreams she kept alive during most of college — she graduated with a degree in music business, but at some point, “after a bad breakup, like everyone else,” she started writing her own songs.

“I learned that my stories could be turned into words and a series of events that could become songs.” Her big break came when she went to a Tennessee Titans game towards the end of college. An old family friend was there, and when she asked Huff what was new, she told her about her new hobby — songwriting. A couple of weeks later, she had a record deal. It was a crazy time. “I wrote at night because I had an internship (at a record label), I had to finish college, I actually got shingles then. But I was determined to make it happen.”

And she did. With an EP and full album out, plus a touring, she’s ready to dance.

“Let it Out”

“White Flag”




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