Jessica Rojas
February 25, 2012
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“At age nine, La Bamba was the first song I learned to play with my father — he played rhythm and I played chords,” explained AWOLNATION’s Aaron Bruno. Aaron’s first interest in music peaked at a very young age. He is a native Californian surfer who calls West Lake Thousand Oaks home. It was your typical suburban atmosphere away from the ‘scene’ in Los Angeles” Aaron said. “There was not a lot of culture where I grew up so I had to discover other things. Life in the suburbs fueled a fire to get out and find out more.”

He hit the punk rock scene at the age of 15, spending his spare time outside of high school seeing bands like Bad Religion, Foo Fighters and Strife. He even got a job selling merchandise with bands on tour. It wasn’t until later in high school that Aaron realized his musical aspirations could earn him a living.

His advice to those who are interested in becoming musicians is “always continue to write songs, take time early on to work on your craft. Know that you can always be better and learn everything there is to know about everything in the business.” Aaron himself comes from the school of DIY (do it yourself). The success of his album “Megalithic Symphany” is proof of that.

Oh and in case you were wondering where the name AWOLNATION came from Aaron says “it is a musical metaphor, it means escapism; celebrate life.” Aaron is definetly celebrating, AWOLNATION has toured with Twin Atlantic and Middle Class Rut, and continues to rock. Check them out at a venue near you.

– Jessica Rojas

“Jump on My Shoulders”


“Wake Up”

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