Backpack Strain


We know you’re totally into studying and finishing your reading for class, but are you overloading your backpack? Adding too many books to your bag could cause back pain and distort the natural curves of your spine.

And, if you think carrying your backpack on only one shoulder is cool, trust us, you won’t anymore when you find out how it can affect your posture — stressing your neck, shoulders, lower back and even your ribs to compensate for the unbalanced weight.

Discover the facts and some helpful tips to avoid straining your back. Taking care of yourself is more than bringing home books to study, it’s also about protecting your body and keeping your spine in shape.

Backpack Strain

Is your backpack a pain in the neck?



How heavy is too heavy?

3 comments on “Backpack Strain

  1. Luis García

    Not all student’s have the avility to buy an computer,iPad,or any other electrónic device. -Luis García –

  2. Kila S.

    I am in the 7th grade. I have to carry a backpack with books, a laptop, a charger, a heavy notebook. ALL THAT=HEAVY BACKPACK
    Last year I started getting back pains and it was more than likely from my backpack.


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