Beetle Mania


Did you know that 40% of all insect species are beetles? That’s right, these diverse insects feed on fungi, plants and sometimes small animals, have evolved to many different shapes and sizes by living in a variety of habitats except the ocean and polar regions.

Most beetles even have wings, though not all can fly. Some species, like glow-worms, no longer have wings, but share the same type of mouth. Their eyes vary depending on their habitat, but antennae act as a means of smell and help guide them through their environment.

A few types of insects in the beetle family, like ladybugs and dung beetles are beneficial to humans. However, several types of beetles are agricultural pests, preying on their ecosystem and causing damage.

The Asian longhorned beetle, for example, likes to infest the bark of North American trees like maple, birch, elm, sycamore and willow. They tend to avoid oak and some types of fruit trees, but the forest industry fear the health of the forests is declining rapidly.

“The Forest Service estimates about 98,000 trees are falling each day, but government funding can’t keep up with how many trees must be cut to protect watersheds, people and infrastructure,” says a report by the Associate Press.

To unearth more about the Asian longhorned beetle and other species of this insect, check out the quiz below.


Beetle Mania

Reveal how much you know about these insects.


Asian longhorn beetles are a non-native invasive species damaging North American forests.

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