Behind the Scenes: SchoolJam USA


Yep, I went to Disneyland!

It was more than a much-welcomed break from the freezing cold weather in New York (it snowed the day we left) – NAMM’s School Jam USA!

I’ve seen some talented teen bands perform in my day, but these groups were just as good as any professional band of adults. The rain held off as the bands played for over three hours – giving it their all. It was like a mini music festival. No matter what kind of music you like, there was something there for you: jazz, pop, rock, punk – even a little classical!

The event was all about young people living their dreams, right now. Does it get any better than that?!

Check out some highlights – including footage of the winners, Ergo We Play – in the video below.


Scott Evans was there to celebrate the top teen band in the country.

One comment on “Behind the Scenes: SchoolJam USA

  1. Daryle-Johnson

    My name is Daryle johnson I go to old redford academy.I think that would
    be a great idea for scott evans to celebrate.


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