October 22, 2012
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Benny Marchant


Growing up, Benny Marchant was an athlete, not a musician. His talent for lacrosse got him into college, but it was college that got him into music. “I took a music theory class and really loved it,” he explained. And when he “wasn’t good enough to play covers, I starting playing my own songs instead.”

Despite the fact that he “got on stage late,” when he realized it was what he wanted to do, he jumped right in. “After college, I lived with my parents and built a music studio in their garage. Even though I played bass in college, I was just an extra guy in the band.” Once he had his own studio, however, he became the main guy in the band. “I took two years and self-recorded a record, learning the process as I went.”

“The album became my resume. I went to Nashville and started to get on stage, playing open mic nights at Bluebird cafe. I felt good about it and wanted to do a second record, but it was never released. I learned you have to choose wisely who you work with, and also about communication — I need to speak up more. It was a fast learning curve.” Soon after, “I went to California and found a mixing engineering who was will to do the Nashville album, and I started a project called the The Kings Royal. There’s an excitement in the air in Los Angeles that’s different from Nashville,” which has it’s own vibe, but L.A. has been a good fit.

After a successful tour with The Kings Royal, “there was a falling out on the business side — it was kind of a bummer, but it meant I could start a solo project. I wanted to be more aggressive — energetic. The last couple of months I’ve been doinr radio stuff, introductory. We’ve got five guys in the band, and it sounds really good.” Marchant’s story, his journey, is reflected in what he has to say about being a musican. “There are so many parts of music and entertainment. You have to find that focus, just like in sports, to make it work for you. It’s really hard now in the industry and things are changing, but when things change it’s the best time to excel.”

Want more wise words from Marchant? You can hear three of his tracks right here, and keep up the tour on his Twitter feed and Facebook page

“Back to Life”

“In Your Arms”

“That’s All”




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