April 23, 2012

Binge Drinking

A group of teens took on a retailer for encouraging drinking on spring break.

Scott: Binge drinking is when someone drinks at least four alcoholic drinks in two hours. It is a dangerous and growing problem among young people. That is why some teens in California decided to take on a surf and skate wear shop named Tilly’s.

When a California clothing store debuted its spring break campaign, it had a “this is the time to get tanked” theme with coolers and red plastic cups in the windows. Not everybody was amused.

“It just promoted binge drinking and that’s not something we want.”

Scott: If you look it up in the Urban Dictionary, red Solo cups are immediately associated with beer, keg parties, binge drinking. The word “tanked,” the only way it is defined in the dictionary, is to get drunk.

According to a survey by the group Students Against Destructive Decisions, more than 26% of young people used alcohol within the last 30 days. Seventeen percent said they had actually been binge drinking.

In Marin County, California, underage drinking is a major concern.

“Marin has some of the highest underage binge drinking statistics in the country and we’re trying to change that.”

Scott: So, students got busy writing letters in protest, and it worked. Victory! The store says it is now pulling the display in all its 145 stores nationwide.

“I kind of gave a yeah, that’s awesome.”

“I was really happy that, like, what we did actually did something, you know?”

Scott: The students say they hope to spread their message in a documentary about binge drinking.


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