Fun Ad Games

By admin 11.29.2012 blog
Fun Ad Games

Ads are everywhere. And people are getting better and better at avoiding them (hello, DVR!).

But companies still have stuff to sell, so they’re getting more innovative with their pitches, going as far as making YOU a part of the ad. That’s what this idea for the next big thing is all about. Started in Japan, of course, interactive ads encourage passersby to interact with a billboard, Kinect-style with little games, taking shopping to a whole new level.
They’re even showing up in bathrooms!┬áBut we want to know what you think. Are these ads the wave of the future, or do you think they might give you buyer’s remorse? Vote in the poll to weigh in now!


  1. Detroit

    No!! Because if it takes them to the wrong place something bad could happen and what happens when it costs money and they press on it on accident and they have to but it. #NoWay!

  2. Madison Jobe

    This was a waist of time.

  3. Zoey

    What if the game gives you a virus. What if the game is inappropriate. And a kid was going to play it.

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