Testing Time!

By admin 10.18.2012 blog
Testing Time!

With the next ACT and SAT test dates around the corner, this idea for the next big thing is timely.

New York University sophomore Jordan Liss thought it up a few years ago when he was taking the college entrance exams himself. He thought he was more stressed about time management on the exams than about the questions themselves, so he created a watch with preset times for all the sections of the ACT. (The SAT version is on the way in a few weeks.)

He also made sure the watch works with the College Board rules — it can’t access the internet and it doesn’t make any noise. It costs about $40, more than a regular simple watch, but for some test takers that might be a small price to pay for a couple of extra points that could help you get into the school you want.

What do you think? Would this watch make you better prepared for taking the SAT or ACT? Vote in the poll now!

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