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July 31, 2013
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Brewer & Chase


The history of the Brewer & Chase band stretches back to when Blake Brewer and Chase Caillouette met in high school. The duo bonded over shared interests in music and the beach. Blake gave Chase guitar lessons until he transferred to another school.

The two then worked independently for a while. When they reunited to record a song, they discovered that they balanced each other well. After recording a couple of their songs live, they decided to form Brewer & Chase.

They played at local venues and sold their CDs for five dollars until Marc Danzeisen (who joined the band as their drummer) produced their first studio album. Over time, the band grew to include bassist Zack Singerman and electric guitarist Eric Nelson.

After the release of their first studio album, the band played concerts weekly. Their success translated to their prime time TV premiere on MTV’s Laguna Beach and Lifetime’s Monarch Cove.

Check out some of their tracks below!


Bad Day

What I Need

I Was Wrong


Meet the Band:

Chase Caillouette -- Lead Vocals, Guitar
Blake Brewer -- Guitar
Erik Nelson -- Lead Electric Guitar, Utility
Zack Singerman -- Bass, Back-up Vocals, percussion
Jesse Siebenberg -- Drum, Slide Guitar



Bob Dylan
Cat Stevens
Elliot Smith
John Lennon
Matt Costa
Ben Harper


Hometown: Newport Beach, California

Stomping Grounds: The Lido Theater

Style: Laid back, Simplicistic, Folksy Claim to Fame: Song played on MTV's Laguna Beach and Lifetime's Monarch Cove



Jokes for Birds (2003)

Brewer & Chase (2006)


Sounds like:

Jack Johnson
John Mayer
Ben Harper
Matt Costa
The Shins

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