Browsing with a Buddy

by Karen Knapstein
When it comes to browsers, people either tend to be a little bit clueless (“What’s a browser?”) or passionately loyal (“Firefox Rocks!”). Since people usually discover things online through their friends on social networking platforms like Facebook and Twitter, the days of solo browsing may soon be coming to an end. Why not bring your buddies along when you’re online? 
New “Social Browsers” like and allow you to do just that. After you download and install them, you share your social logins with them. When you want to comment on something, or share a page, there’s no longer any need to log into your email or Facebook to show off what great thing you just found — the browser does it for you. Plus, if your friends are using it too, they can share with you just as easily. (Sounds like something that could potentially make a group project go a lot smoother.) And with tons of research showing that teens are dropping email in favor of social networking anyway, the switch could be the next big thing among your friends. 

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