October 10, 2011


A new campaign encourages a pledge to wipe out bullying.

Student: They think they’re cool, but they’re not.

Adriana: Students are speaking up about bullies.

Student: There was a time in band class when they were kicking over his stand and untying his shoes. It was really hurtful and really wrong.

Adriana: They say stepping in can be scary.

Student: If Aaron is being picked on and I tattle on him and say they’re doing this, then the bullies that are picking on me can pick on her as well.

Adriana: But these Maryland students say they’re not afraid. They, and others across the country, have pledged to speak up about bullying, no matter what. The pledge is part of a Facebook campaign called Stop Bullying, Speak Up.

“Hey, we took the pledge.”

Adriana: Even Maryland’s governor and first lady took it.

“I don’t accept the notion that bullying will always happen in schools. I think that this generation of young people actually understand that it’s not cool. And by connecting with one another, I think they can create a culture where bullying is definitely uncool.”

Adriana: The campaign, that also targets cyberbullying, is backed by the Cartoon Network.

“We know that when the bystander, kids and young adults step in, bullying — incidents of bullying — drop in half, and the single incidents of bullying drops and takes no more than ten seconds.”

Adriana: So far, almost 55,000 people have taken the pledge. And states are even competing to see who can get the most pledges to end bullying nationwide. So far, New York is heading the pack.


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