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Know why school buses are yellow? Why they don’t have seat belts? Where they always have to stop, no matter what? Find out in our quiz below, and read what one teen has to say about bad bus behavior.

By Alicia Love, 14, from Carl Junction Junior High in Carl Junction, Mo.

You’re sitting near the back of your bus, and everywhere around you there are people yelling and saying foul words. Sound familiar? For thousands of students it’s their daily bus ride home.

In February 2004, a student was suspended in Jacksonville, Fla., for beating another student aboard a school bus. The action was caught on surveillance cameras placed on the bus, but not all inappropriate behavior can be caught on tape.

“[Students] are rude to others and people usually cuss,” said Ashlee Petty, an eighth-grade student at Carl Junction Junior High.

Some school administrators have different views about the students’ behavior. “Most elementary riders follow the rules, says Mrs. Elbrader, the Carl Junction Junior High vice principal. “Many older kids think bus rules are silly, and they disobey and argue with the driver who merely enforces the rules. I’m amazed at the lack of respect that [some] riders give their bus drivers.”

Surveillance cameras are in rotation on a few of the Carl Junction Junior High buses. Cameras may be placed on a bus if someone requests that one be put there.

Students have mixed emotions about these cameras. Petty thinks that they should keep cameras on the buses while Megan Johnson, a seventh grader, expressed that putting cameras on the buses would be an invasion of privacy.

Students and staff also have mixed feelings about punishments for broken bus rules. At Carl Junction Junior High, the first time a person is caught breaking a rule he or she gets three detentions. The second time results in a three-day suspension from the bus, and the third time, a five-day suspension.

The fourth time that person is off the bus for two weeks, and the fifth time, that person is permanently expelled from the bus.

Bus Quiz

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