Karen Knapstein
February 28, 2014

Buzz Buzz

Have you heard that distracting yourself can be the best medicine for a slight — or slightly huge — fear of needles?

This week’s idea for the next big thing might help with that. The Buzzy Mini is a cute little bumblebee that chills and buzzes the skin near where you’re about to get a shot to distract your body from the “ouch” that comes with a needle. And isn’t being prepared for the pain half the battle?

And we’ve got more good news! The mini is small enough to carry around, and costs less than $40. That means even if your doctor doesn’t have one (yet), you can conquer your nervousness yourself. So, is the Buzzy Mini the NBT? Vote in the poll and tell us what you think!

94 comments on “Buzz Buzz

  1. Angelina L.

    This will be perfect for me !!! I’m very scared of needles and I always shake and sometimes cry before a shot . :( Anyways if I get this , this will save a lot of time in the doctors office. :)

    1. ivan southworth

      i think is a big start for kids who are dont like needles and it will work to make them feel better about not having to worry. voted yes.

      1. Allison M

        Just I want to say is I take a shot everyday and it hurts a lot. My life is a horror when I have to take a shot because I am a diabetic.

    2. Eiffel 911

      first of all… how old are you? Second of all if your a teen that’s silly. But This Product might help with your problem. :) Hope it will help!

    3. Jake Nichols

      The buzz buzz is perfect for people like me. I usually cry before I go but now I will love it!!! This will save me so much time and stress, so thank you for whoever made this!!!!! :)

    4. Graceiann H.

      I don’t like needles they really scare me :( ! If I use this I would start to like needles a little more. :)

    5. Niall

      I think it’s a very good idea because it’ll numb the surface and help children loose the fear of needles.

  2. ivan southworth

    i think is a big start for kids who are dont like needles and it will work to make them feel better about not having to worry. i voted yes

  3. ivan southworth

    i think is a big start for kids who are dont like needles and it will work to make them feel better about not having to worry. voted yes.


    Yes, this would be most helpful for kids and adults fearful of needles and pain. WHY SUFFER when there’s inventions that can help ease your family’s mind and yours while visiting the doctor.

  5. Terrell-Evans

    I think this will be the next big thing because the shot will not hurt!So I will not fill the shot at all thats my opinion.

  6. Treasure Williams

    I think that Buzz Buzz will be the next big thing because i know a whole bunch of “kids” that are scared of needles. And even though I’m not scared of them any more it think it would be a good use.

  7. Jasmine Gramm

    This is awesome! I won’t be scared anymore when I got to the doctor. The bee is cute also and it will make me smile:) I love the idea.

  8. My little pony lover

    Ya I think it would be he next big thing because people there can be a lot of people that are scared of shots

  9. Rebbie Islam

    Usually before I go to the doctor I like to eat to eat some pasta but this buzz buzz should help me start enjoying getting shots more than I usually do. Also my son Jake Davis enjoys Poptarts before the doctor.

  10. Jake Davis

    Usually before I go to the doctor I am worked up and stressed out. The buzz buzz will really help me calm down and I won’t fear the doctor anymore. Thank you for whoever made the buzz buzz!!!!!!!!!! You have my life gr8 :)

  11. Jacob

    I thinks its a good idea if u r as big of a baby as me. im 14 and my mommy still takes me a binky to the doctors office so that i keep quiet

  12. Buster-Curtis

    This product will help me very much. Every night before bed, I pray to Shrek, but when I go to the doctors office, I just break down. Looking forward to the Buzz Buzz! :)

  13. Krystal

    I like this idea because in seventh grade we need shots and I want there to be no pain I hate needles and the pain so bring on the buzz bug

  14. Ashley Sanders

    I think this is a great idea, because my kids hate shots and I ALWAYS hate watching them crying while getting them! Perfect idea!! :)

  15. Austin O.

    I absolutely HATE shots. I always try to avoid getting them. I don’t donate blood or anything. I think this would be a good investment. I watch the show at school. I hope that more people would consider the BUZZ ,BUZZ! It would be nice to have this. I think this is the Next Big Thing!
    # Awesome Buzz ,Buzz

    1. trinity .d

      I just asked my mom to get it for me and said its to much money so I think ill stick with an ice pack in a bag puls its cheaper and I agree with my mom to much money so I vote no sorry

  16. Heidi-Doerr

    I think that’s a wonderful idea to distract your kids or yourself from painful needles because they can help you conquer your fear of needles and make you less scared.

  17. Amy Pond

    I think the Buzzy Mini is a good idea because it distracts kids from the pain of needles. I hate needles so this would be perfect for me too

  18. Carrie

    i do not think its the next big thing, its only a small prick, if kids are really that scared, they should try to conquer the fear, not hide it.

  19. Sofia

    This is perfect for me!!! Once my doctor had to chase me around the hospital just to give me one shot!! I was crying ALL DAY!! Literally!

  20. Dylan White

    This will safe time at the docters office because if I see a needle heading my way the doctors better be prepared to run because I am one of those people who HATES shots and if I see one I will run


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