Christa Fletcher
July 31, 2013
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Calendar For Preston


Ohio-based band Calendar For Preston knows what it means to benefit from “happy accidents.” Over the last five years, members Stephen Jordan (lead vocals), Joey Sexton (guitar), Tom Gutman (bass and keys) and Ryan Harris (drums) experienced what some would call a long string of lucky breaks. However, this contradicts one of Gutman’s favorite quotes: “There’s no such thing as good luck; it’s when preparation meets opportunity,” he said in an interview.

Preparation for this band began even before all the members had one another. Gutman, who began playing piano when he was seven years old and taught himself to play guitar at 12, collaborated with Sexton and Jordan in a makeshift band. ”It worked, so we did it again,” said Gutman. “It all happened accidentally.”

Calendar for Preston began writing new songs easily. “We had some music in our pockets,” Gutman said confidently.

The band released their first album, Paint By Numbers, at the beginning of 2009.

Gutman told us how the band’s creative process has evolved since then.

“It takes longer, but we make better stuff,” he explained. “Now we think about the key, progression and feeling of the songs,” adding, “We are open, we collaborate, and sometimes we butt heads, but it’s all good stuff. It’s great to see how much more comfortable we are with each other.”

Pencil Calendar for Preston into your calendar! Listen to the tracks and click through the photos below!


Change It Up

Pretty Little City





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