February 15, 2012
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Cameron McLain


Like many singer-songwriter types, Cameron McLain is a thoughtful guy. After studying religion and philosophy at Princeton, there’s really no escaping that. What sets McLain apart though is his curiousity and talent.

Though he started playing and writing songs as a teen, and played with different bands on the Mumford and Sons “scene” in the U.K. (he’s British, but lives in lower Manhattan), he really started to think about “the writing part — the marriage of music and words that really gets me” later, in school, he explained in a phone interview. Studying poetry will do that to someone. What’s more, he also took up with a group of “amazing” jazz musicians that helped inspire his first album, The Grace and the Grit.

Its focus is on “things that are honest and soulful. If you’re going to bother to put an effort in, it should be what I know about,” he explained. And it is. Topics include love, though that’s “not the primary driver” but things related to classics too. The songs “Blue Darkening” and “Empty Diamond” are a part of that. Hear some of Cameron’s tracks below.

“Blue Darkening”

“We Are Dancing”

“Empty Diamond”




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