Christa Fletcher
February 13, 2012
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Care Bears on Fire


What do you get when you cross three feisty teens with instruments? Four words: Care Bears on Fire! A trio of teen girls out of Brooklyn, Care Bears on Fire is a pop punk band that plays at the hottest spots in New York City and can share a stage with bands twice their age and experience — Jena, 16, Sophie, 15 and Izzy, 15 — are more than a kid-band phenom, they live a life anthem we should all pump our fists to: “Don’t want to be like everybody else!”

With their emphasis on individuality, creativity and general awesomeness, it’s no wonder they’re so successful and have released another great EP, “Girls Like It Loud.” “Our favorite songs change day by day, but ‘ATM’ is really fun to play and powerful,” said Izzy in a phone interview. “It has a powerful message,” added Sophie. Many of their new songs are more grown-up, but promise the same pop-punk flare as their previous releases.

The band formed when classmates Sophie, Izzy and their previous bassist, Lucio, decided in 5th grade that they wanted to start a band. Jena joined the band when Lucio left due to “musical differences.” “I started guitar when I was nine and that was when I realized that I wanted to be in a band,” recalls Sophie. “Well actually, I didn’t realize it, I thought that everyone who played guitar had to be in a band. I thought it was the ‘guitar player’s law’ or something, but luckily it ended up working out.”

After some media coverage in 2006 and the release of their first album, I Stole Your Animal in 2007, Care Bears on Fire released their album, Get Over It in 2009 and became more than a garage band — they broke the mold of typical teen girl pop acts. Now, while balancing school and performing sold out shows, the band is keeping things rolling. And, like their pre-performance ritual, they are not only having fun, they’re staying centered.

“We like to get all in the same room at least 15 minutes before the show to collect our wits,” said Izzy. “We meditate and get in the zone. Then when we have five minutes before we go on, we get in a circle, hold hands and ‘pass the squeeze’ to get us all focused and mentally ready. Then we do a silent scream and and a secret CBOF move, and a big hug and lots of jumping around. After all of this, we can play the show.”

The band’s catchy melodies mixed with spunky vocals, combines a sweet, yet rebellious vibe that will surely ignite a blaze of super fandom on the music scene. With songs like “Barbie Eat a Sandwich” and “Gym Class Haze,” the band landed a spot among top acts at Lollapalooza over the summer and were featured in CMJ’s 2009 and 2010 Music Marathon. Yet, these musicians still manage to keep their lives relatively normal amidst their gigs and rising superstardom.

In fact, they have many interests ranging from screen printing, sewing and fashion, to photography and Harry Potter. Both Sophie and Izzy admit that they are big Project Runway and Harry Potter fans. “I waited in line for six hours in the rain for the seventh book,” said Izzy. And, regarding the upcoming movie, Sophie said, “One the one hand, I’m happy because my entire life I’ve been waiting for a Harry Potter book or movie, but on the other hand, I’m sad it will be over because I’ve grown up with it.”

Well, seems as though some of the books’ magic rubbed off on these fiery rockers. With an amazing musical future ahead including more shows and a music video for “ATM,” Jena also said, “PSATs, SATs, APs,” are coming up too. “Hopefully some really cool CBOF stuff will come up — I would love to go to Europe or New Zealand (to be in the land of Flight of the Conchords and Lord of the Rings, of course). I’d also like to tour the moon. In space boots.”

Listen to free streaming music and find out more about Care Bears on Fire below.
Christa Fletcher


“Red Lights”

“What Could I Be”

“Ask Me How I Am”

“Barbie Eat a Sandwich”

“Everybody Else”


Jena: Bass

Isadora "Izzy": Drums

Sophie: Vocals & Guitar


Confuse Me (EP) (2006)

I Stole Your Animal (2007)

Get Over It! (2009)

Girls Like It Loud (2010)


Hometown: Brooklyn, New York

Genre: Pop-Punk with Garage and Alternative elements

Big Break: Profile in New York Magazine in 2006

Age: 13-15 years old

Peculiar Pets: Izzy's praying mantises Michelle Obama, Sid and Garth.

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