July 27, 2010

Carol Browner


The former administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency under President Bill Clinton, Carol Browner is no stranger to policy and government, nor does she balk at taking a hard line to accomplish her goals.

Originally from Florida, Browner made her mark in her home state serving as environmental advisers to elected officials including now governor Lawton Chiles and heading the Florida department of the EPA, where she is known for revitalizing that state agency and making deals with corporations in exchange for responsible construction and preservation.

Starting at the EPA in 1993, many felt she was more in line with Al Gore’s activist approach to protecting the environment in contrast to Clinton’s more liberal, pro-business perspective — and in the course of her tenure, she became unpopular with conservatives.

Because of her work in protecting the environment, Browner was named ‘Mother of the Year’ (she has one son) in 1997 and Glamour magazine’s ‘Woman of the Year’ in 1998.

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