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October 20, 2013
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Carolina Liar

feature-cover-carolina-liar“Everyone in my family plays music, but I’m the only one crazy enough to think I could do this,” explained Carolina Liar‘s Chad Wolf. And over the course of his career, he shared, he’s “taught his parents that a reliable job doesn’t exist anymore,” so you might as well do something that’s important to you.

The Los Angeles-based frontman has musical roots in the south and in Sweden. The band’s first album, “Coming to Terms” was made with “a bunch of guys” from there, while the second one, “Wild Blessed Freedom,” took a turn. “We tried with the same lineup,” Wolf shared, “but it got too pop-y and wasn’t the right fit.” His songwriting operates on the “cheese-pizza test.” If it works as a plain slice, then he opens it up for embellishments. He’s working on the third release, an EP, which is due out this month.

His advice is to “find friends who want to make music, and take whatever money you make and put it into studio gear.” Then, you can “put things together on your own,” without the support of a label or having to reserve studio time. “Play a ton of shows, all over, and at colleges.” Finally, go ahead and “compare yourself to the market to see if you can make yourself better. You’ve got to trust your gut,” but “this business teaches you something every day.”

For Wolf, it’s all about the fact that he has ”something to say…and I still think a song can change the world.” Listen to tracks below and for more from Carolina Liar, check out their Facebook page and Twitter feed.

“Catch You If You Fall”

“Sounds Like You on the Radio”

“Breaking My Heart”




9 comments on “Carolina Liar

  1. Heidi

    Can you send me A pic of Ashley the girl that her ex boyfriend. Killed her im so sorry for her hopefully they kill him and send down to the devil

  2. SCM

    Because of CH1, my teacher is a ‘Carolina Liar’ FANATIC!! She lets us listen to all their songs…EVERY SINGLE DAY!!! I’ve memorized their songs!

  3. Illy-Jaxon

    OMG, finally an artist I actually know that they play on Channel One! I love their song, “Show Me What I’m Looking For.”


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